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Off the Beaten track walking Tour

Explore the Authentic Side of Mexico City Beyond Tourist Hotspots!

Dive deep into Mexico City, venturing beyond the popular tourist bubble to discover the hidden gems of Santa Maria la Ribera and San Rafael, neighborhoods that are still not widely known but are becoming increasingly popular. Our walking tour is a safe and immersive journey into the real-life pulse of Mexico, where we embrace local experiences and use public transportation to weave through the city’s rich history.

Starting with a warm beverage and our favorite pastry, we’ll gather, chat, and become acquainted with our fellow explorers. In San Rafael, we’ll tantalize our taste buds with street food from a cherished local stand, delving into the neighborhood’s captivating history and architecture.

Moving on to Santa Maria la Ribera, we’ll admire its main monument and indulge in the most traditional dish from Oaxaca at a local restaurant. As we continue our culinary odyssey, we’ll introduce you to Pulque, an ancestral drink deeply rooted in Mexican tradition.

Fear not, our walking tour is not just about food! It’s a comprehensive experience that allows you to absorb the atmosphere, stories, and local life of these overlooked historic colonias. And yes, we’ll use public transportation, where every ride unveils intriguing tales of the city.

Before bidding farewell, join us for a refreshing michelada, an alcoholic beverage (we also have non-alcoholic options), as we share stories, exchange recommendations, and immerse ourselves in the authentic spirit of Mexico City.


On Sundays, check the menu before booking, as we unveil exclusive dishes available only on this day (no vegan or vegetarian options). Flexibility may be limited, so plan accordingly for a truly unique culinary adventure.

Mexico City Bike Tour Booking

From Monday to Sunday

9:00 a.m.

5 hours

Not vegan, because it is more local.

24 Huichapan Street, Hipódromo Condesa


Diversity of Mexican street food

Learn About the City's Rich Culinary Heritage and enjoy the different flavors that Mexican cuisine has to offer.

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Pulque Cactus Taco Mexico City Bike Tour Food Tour


  • Coffee, Tea or Chocolate
  • Pan Dulce
  • Sope
  • Agua Fresca
  • Tlayudas
  • Tejate
  • Pulque
  • Mezcalita or Michelada

*On Sundays, ask for the menu before you book, as we share food that can only be found on this day and there is not much flexibility in what is being offered.

You will be supporting  Local Economy

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Foodies in Action

Local stories, tales and details that are not told on conventional tours.

What our guests are saying

Based on 337 reviews
Geva Lester
Geva Lester
This was a fantastic day with Raul. He was very patient and tailored the day to what we wanted and needed. He was also very cautious about bikes and traffic. We loved getting to see the two different neighborhoods, local food and the market. Highly recommend this if you want a chilled day getting to see the area and enjoy the food and sights.
Nami Urano
Nami Urano
It was a great experience with hilarious guides! I recommend it to my friends:)
Sophie Flanagan
Sophie Flanagan
A great way to spend the day in Mexico City, the food was all delicious with vegetarian options at all the stops too. Felt so safe cycling around the city with Fernando, who was so knowledgeable on the history of the city and neighbourhoods. Definitely go hungry because you’ll want to try as much as possible. Would highly recommend!
Fiadhnait McDonnell
Fiadhnait McDonnell
Amazing tour! The tour guides were so lovely and knowledgeable. They brought us to many authentic food places and the food was delicious, the best I’ve had since I arrived in Mexico City! The tour was leisurely and in a small group which meant we had great chats with the guides and learned so much! Highly recommend! Make sure you go hungry 😁
Margaret Spencer
Margaret Spencer
This is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had while traveling. I work for a food tour operator, so I make a point to do food tours everywhere I travel, and this experience was so amazing. Fernando, Raul, and Paxi made the tour so much fun. It was a perfect balance of city and rest, because we got to go through different parks and see nature. The food was so varied, and I loved the stories they shared about the different stops we did, and I cannot recommend this enough. It was very vegetarian friendly! I hadn’t written a bike in about 10 years, but they made me feel so safe riding through the streets of Mexico City and there were a lot of bike lanes. we even had some kids on our tour Who were able to ride along just fine. It covered 8 miles but over five hours, it wasn’t exhausting at all. If you are considering booking this tour, do it! I did the Mexico is not just tacos, and next time I come back to Mexico City I’ll be doing another tour with them.
Rafael Galvez
Rafael Galvez
I've taken a ton of tours all over the planet and this might be my favorite. The Foodhoodmx team is professional, friendly, informative, fun, cool to hang out with, and on and on. We got tons of food and drinks. We saw so many places and learned so much. The price is a bargain for the amazing experience. Highly recommended!!!
Julie Wheeler
Julie Wheeler
We had a terrific food/bike tour with Raol. We highly recommend the Food Hood team and look forward to their other tours on our next visit.. Today’s adventure was a perfect meander through the Roma, Condessa and the Bosque neighborhoods, stopping to hear all sorts of stories and eat fabulous fresh local foods.
Morgan Morrow
Morgan Morrow
Food hood tour was probably the best we have ever been on. The guides were warm, friendly, and were so kind and accommodating to my children. Come hungry because you will be exposed to the best local cuisine the city has to offer and several local neighborhoods in a relaxing pace on comfortable bikes. Thank you Fernando, Paxi, and Raul ❤️
Katie Heppe
Katie Heppe
Such a fantastic tour! Mario was so knowledgeable about so many things, not just food. He taught us about the history of the city, current happenings, cultural tips, nuances of the Spanish language within the city, I could go on and on. Another important thing to note is that Food Hood Tours seems to be smaller than other food tours we saw. I'm sure the other ones are great, but it sure is nice to only ride around the city in a group of 4-5. We loved it! Thank you Mario!


Most Frequent Questions and Answers

The tour includes Food, Drinks, Bike, Helmet, Guide and Explanation. You just have to come Comfortable, with Energy and very Hungry.

The ride is at a pace that is not too slow but not too fast, because the idea is that we can explore several neighborhoods in a few hours without getting tired but also have time to enjoy them properly.

The ride is recommended for all ages, only if you attend with babies, children or people with disabilities, please write us via email or message via what’s App to share the options we have. to ride together.

“We use bike lanes for about 70% of the route, but we still recommend that you feel comfortable riding a bike at night so you can fully enjoy the experience.”

All the tours are the same concept, bikes, food, drinks and exploring Mexico City, but all the routes are through different parts of the city and with different types of food in each one of them.

What makes them different is the following:

Mexico is not Only Tacos: In this tour we explore some of the highlights of Mexico City and 3 neighborhoods that are the most trendy and hip at the moment in the city. We recommend this tour when it is your first time in Mexico and you want to get an introduction to what the city is all about.

Mexico Off the Beaten Track: We visit 3 of the neighborhoods that were the first to emerge in Mexico City and many go unnoticed because they do not hear about them in blogs or in anecdotes from other travelers, however, they have many hidden architectural and gastronomic gems. We recommend this tour to those who have already seen all the highlights and want to learn more about daily life in Mexico.

Night Street Food Bike Tour: On this tour you have the opportunity to try food that you can only get at night, as the food in Mexico City is different depending on the time of the day. This tour is a very easy going as we know that after a long day you might be a little tired, but would like to continue exploring the city.


Well, first of all, our experience is designed to give you a real taste of Mexican Street Food culture and the city itself.

We love our Mexican cuisine and culture, as all of us on the team were born and raised here in Mexico City.

Don’t worry about formality, we approach our tours with a casual and relaxed style, so that you feel like you are exploring the city with friends.

On our tour, you will not only taste street delicacies, pre-Hispanic drinks and food from other states, but you will also have the opportunity to learn more about the culture and history behind each dish you try.

In a nutshell, choosing our Mexico City Street Food Bike Tour means you will hav an authentic, friendly and enjoyable experience. We are Mexican, so you can trust us to show you a great local Street Food scene.

Customers will have the opportunity to receive a full refund or credit when notified 24 hours before the tour begins, after which time no refund will be possible.

Customers will also receive a full refund or credit in the event of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

If you do not show up, you will be charged the full price.

Please contact us by phone or via What’s App to cancel or inquire about a cancellation +52 55 4001 3430.

What else to do in Mexico City?

Street Food Bike Tour

Explore over 200 neighborhoods in Mexico City effortlessly on a bike. Avoid traffic and parking hassles, delve into the city’s parks, savor street food, and immerse yourself in its stories and vibrant culture. Check out these bike-friendly options, and click ‘More Info’ to discover further details about our tours and guest experiences.

Below, you can also find videos featuring our foodie guests during the tour and their reactions to tasting authentic Mexican street food.

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