Mexico City Guide

Experience Mexico City like a true insider with our guide, created by Mexicans for curious travelers.

Things to do in Mexico City
Photo by Daniel Cruz

What to know about Mexico City

Lucha Libre Mexico City - Wrestling Mexico City Buy Tickets
Photo by El Fotógrafo de las Luchas

Guide to enjoy Lucha Libre in Mexico City, even without a tour

Angel of Independence Mexico City Things to do on Monday in Mexico City
Photo by Victor Armas

You should know that many places close on Mondays in Mexico City, but here are some options of what to do.

How to get from Mexico City Airport to Roma/Condesa/Centro/Polanco? Bike Tour Food Tour Mexico City Street Food
Photo by Pascarl Borener

There are many ways and prices to get from the airport to Mexico City.

Where to stay in Roma and Condesa? Mexico City. Where to stay in Mexico City? Pros and cons Roma and Condesa
Photo by Isaac Jero

Mexico City has a wide variety of accommodations options, ranging from luxury boutique hotels to budget hostels.

Where is smoking allowed in Mexico? Where not to smoke in Mexico?
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You should know that you can't smoke everywhere in Mexico City.

Museums in Mexico City, what museums are worth visiting in Mexico City?
Photo by Eduardo González

Save time by knowing which ones are worth visiting.

Check out this guide to some of the city’s most unconventional and unique spots! This guide will help you explore a side of the city that many visitors miss. Whether you’re a first-time traveler or a seasoned Mexico City veteran, there’s something in here for everyone. So why stick to the beaten path when you can discover something truly unforgettable?

Mexico City Food

If you want to try tamales during your visit to Mexico City, we decided to share with you 3 places where to eat them.

Here we share many options of what and where to eat in the city, you will find all kinds of options in different parts of the city.

Holidays in
Mexico City

Celebrate thanksgiving in Mexico City, have dinner for thanksgiving in Mexico City Pinche Gringo
Photo by Pinche Gringo

Thanksgiving in Mexico City.

Yes, it is not a Mexican tradition, but we have many people who want to celebrate this holiday in another country, here are some options.

Christmas Dinner in Mexico City
Photo by RItaE

Christmas & New Year's in Mexico City

Celebrating Christmas & New Year’s in Mexico City is a lot of fun, if you know where to celebrate.

What else to do in Mexico City?

Street Food Bike Tour Mexico City

Mexico City has more than 200 neighborhoods, and walking through them can be very exhausting, that’s why maybe the best option is to do it by bike, because you can also try to explore it by car, but we have a lot of traffic and not much parking spaces.

Exploring Mexico City by bike and at the same time trying different street food is a way to get to know Mexico City more deeply through its parks, its food, its stories and its people.

Here are some options to explore the city by bike:

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